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Platform for the Support of New Stakeholders
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Vaniila gives access to ….


A work environment

Notebook Jupyter

Pre-developed tools


(via the computing cluster)

Computing resources *

448 CPU threads

1.45 TB of RAM

16 GPU

352 GB of video memory

Technological bricks

Open Source Codes


(available in the site, GitLab

and the Notebook)


Technical training courses

On site

Distance learning

In self-training

Via the work environment


* Our computing servers

CPUs GPUs RAM Storage
 1 2 Intel Xeon Gold 6132 10 Tesla T4 16 GB 188 GB 3,5 TB
 2 4 Intel Xeon Gold 6262V 500 GB 14 TB
 3 2 Intel Xeon Gold 6140 3 Quadro RTX 6000 24 GB 500 GB 2 TB
 4 2 AMD EPYC v2 7452 3 Tesla A100 40 GB 256 GB 15 TB


designed for companies, accessible to laboratories and schools ….


Vaniila: Artificial Intelligence at your service

Vaniila was conceived and designed to make you aware of the potential of Artificial Intelligence and to accompany you in improving your  competences in this field

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

At the crossroads of the worlds of computer science, mathematics and data science, the field of Artificial Intelligence is based on concepts and techniques that enable the design of computer programs able to imitate human intelligence through machine learning or deep learning techniques.

Artificial intelligence is thus a range of tools and techniques that can be used to address issues as diverse as sales forecasting,  creating personalized recommendations, and analysis of language or images, for instance.

Innovative methods

Artificial intelligence allows machines to perform actions that were previously exclusive for humans.

It also makes it possible to solve problems that humans cannot handle because of a too large volume of information or a too complex relationships.

Detecting relationships, understanding data and learning from them: with Vaniila, this is possible, thanks to the Artificial Intelligence bricks that can be inserted and integrated, in whole or in part, into your processes, tools or products.

From tool to application

From advanced statistical methods to neural networks, Artificial Intelligence makes it possible and easy to process your data.

It encourages innovation and opens the way to the creation of new services and products that can respond more effectively to consumer needs (personalized suggestions, more efficient processing of requests, etc.) or to more targeted and specific “business” problems (improving the processing of after-sales service requests, improving quality control, etc.).

Vaniila: a collaborative and innovative ecosystem

The secret of a successful Artificial Intelligence project lies in the need identification, the extraction of information contained in the data and the application of customized methods.

From the understanding of the need to the implementation of operational technical solutions, Vaniila proposes to help you in your reflection process, your projects and the improvement of your skills on topic, thanks to a pool of experts and dedicated computing resources for your projects.

Partnerships, collaborative projects or services …

The Vaniila ecosystem supports you

Areas of


Artificial Intelligence (IA)

Design and training of machine learning and deep learning algorithms to solve classification or regression problems

Data science

Data mining, cleaning, processing and visualization thanks to algorithms and business expertise

Big data

Design of algorithms and systems for the collection, storage, processing and valorization of massive data (in terms of speed, volume and variety)

Areas of


Computer vision

Ability to handle classification, object detection or segmentation tasks in images or video streams

Audio signals

Solving tasks related to audio signals such as automatic speech recognition or speech-to-text

Natural language processing

Textual data processing such as text classification, named entity recognition or machine translation

Tabular data

Performing classification (class prediction) or regression (numerical prediction) tasks on spreadsheet data

Available technical resources

The development of Artificial Intelligence models requires the use of optimized hardware resources in terms of Central Processing Unit (CPU) and/or Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), which are sometimes difficult to access for project leaders because of their costs or the skills required for their deployment and operation.

Vaniila removes this obstacle by providing local players with a dedicated computing cluster to accelerate the training of their models.
With 448 CPU threads, 16 GPU, 352 GB of video memory and 1.45 TB of RAM, this cluster hosted at CATIE offers an alternative to the cloud computing of American players.

Vaniila users also benefit from CATIE’s support throughout the usage process.

Machine translation, image classification, anomaly detection,


With Vaniila, don’t imagine TOMORROW …. create it!

Vocal assistant

An open source technology for voice analysis and interaction

3d environment classification

A neural network for the segmentation of  points cloud

Face recognition

Siamese networks for similarity calculation between two people
(Technology developed and tested during the 2019 RoboCup)


Mapping and Spatial Localization
(Technology developed and tested during the 2019 RoboCup)


Integration of AI bricks
into your processes and products


Awareness and support to improve your skills


A pool of experts and
dedicated computing resources for your projects


Collaborative and innovative to boost your competitiveness

Some of our clients

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Stay tuned!

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    The Vaniila platform falls within the mission of the CATIE,
    a technological resource center that supports startups, SMEs and ETIs in the integration of digital technologies.

    CATIE offers project leaders a set of resources and tools in 3 main areas:

    Artificial Intelligence

    Algorithms & Data
    Plateform Vaniila

    Human factor

    Human-centric Systems
    Plateform Peac²h

    Internet of Things

    Cyber-Physical Systems
    Plateform 6TRON

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